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The Sex Diaries Project collects anonymous Diaries from around the globe. Here you can read other Diaries, write your own, or think about yourself by joining the Quickie, where you can see what’s possible in sex and relationships.

What’s a Diary? A 7-day journal of every thought and encounter in your relationship and sexual life. Doesn’t matter whether you’re 18 or 105, single or partnered, celibate or busy or anything else.

How to get started? Keep your own Diary (free!). It’s illuminating–you’ll get great perspective on your private life, and how you can improve. It’s fun.

I want more. You’re in luck. There’s a new U.S. book out in February 2012 that you should order immediately, filled with everything you’d learn from reading 2000 diaries, and an upcoming TV show. If British is more your style, check out the fantastic U.K. collection of Diaries published by Random House; for Italian speakers, there’s an Italian book.

Who’s a great Diarist? You are. Give it a try.

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