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The Must-Read U.S. Book

ORDER HERE. A promise: this book will improve how you do relationships forever. Really. Arianne Cohen spent four years collecting 1,500 Sex Diaries, and takes us on a tantalizing tour of American bedrooms. She presents a groundbreaking portrait of relationships in America, including myriad options beyond single, dating, and married. Cohen serves as tourguide, drawing on her deep database of Diaries for incisive, illuminating commentary. And it’s a saucy read.

Release date: February 1, 2012 by Wiley Books.

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The UK Book is Here!

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When Arianne Cohen asked over 200 ordinary people to record their inner-most thoughts and confessions for one week, the results were extraordinary. A hidden world of longing and disappointment, desire and fantasy, and sex – both real and imagined, was revealed.

Now the best diarists from all over the country have been brought together. From the adulterous businessman and the kinky lesbian to the grandmother yearning for a good romp, within these pages you will recognise your neighbour, your colleague, your child’s teacher or the female professional who shares your daily commute to work.

Presenting a disarmingly candid and transparent window into our daily sexual thoughts and activities, The Sex Diaries Project offers a unique glimpse into the private lives of others and creates a powerful portrait of contemporary British society – from a rather unique perspective.

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The Italian Book

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